Wireless electroinstallation (RF)


hey are a high priority of iNELS RF Control, where the universal dimmer can be used for any R, L, C, ESL, LED (or 0 / 1-10V) light sources. The possibility of setting the minimum brightness to eliminate the flickering of the light source (especially for LEDs) ranks among TOP on the market. It is also beneficial as you can control the existing button in the installation, where you can combine classic installation with wireless. By doing this, they are mounted in an installation box (BOX) or on a DIN rail in a cabinet with a maximum load of 600W.

Analog controller - RFDAC-71B

Dimmer for coloured (RGB) LED strips - RFDA-73M/RGB

Universal dimmer - RFDEL-71B

Universal dimmer - RFDEL-71M

Dimming socket (single/multi-function) - RFDSC-71