Smart access control

  • iNELS provides the latest in technologies for access control.
  • Sensors identify the person entering the building and automatically open the door.
  • Building systems react according to the actual occupancy within the building.

LED lighting and control

  • Motion sensors can detect forklift trucks, people and adjust lighting accordingly.
  • iNELS internal and external LED lighting systems adjust artificial light according to natural light measurements and reprogrammed LUX settings.

Truck/Docking system

  • iNELS Dock enables easy communication with truck drivers arriving at the warehouse.
  • Dock doors are monitored similarly to aircraft gates at an airport.

BMS system

  • iNELS technologies can integrate with the BMS and offer intuitive control and monitoring of your building.
  • The depth of control is determined by the client.

Dashboard monitoring

  • Easy to install and cost effective energy metering systems designed and manufactured by iNELS offer precise energy monitoring.
  • Our well designed Dashboard enables users to easily report and control usage and negotiate energy supply contracts using precise peak and off-peak usage data.

Car parking/Pooling

  • Welcome visitors with a pre-designated parking space and automatically display a ‘welcome’.
  • Employee carpooling and car parking organised via smartphone app.
  • Designate parking spaces to management, visitors or VIP’S via app linked to google maps, WAZE or other navigation systems.