A wide range of electronic modular devices, which bring new possibilities to home and office control, monitoring and security, as well as to industrial process control: time relays, installation contactors, staircase automatic switches, time switches clocks, dimmers, thermostats, power supplies units, control and signalling devices, GSM gates, etc.

Protection/Monitoring relays

Every household, every object and every machine needs a monitoring relay. There are several reasons why, overvoltage, under voltage,
phase failure, asymmetry, frequency, or power factor.

iNELS Air - IoT devices

The new iNELS Air product line responds to the dynamically developing network IoT (Internet of Things). These networks enable devices
to communicate safely, over long distances and are optimized to minimize power consumption. The product group includes sensors for
communication on the Sigfox, LoRa and NB-IoT protocol.which will allow

Wireless electroinstallation (RF)

A unique wireless control system providing you perfect control over your home! The RF Control system enables you to control functions such as heating, lighting, electrical appliances and window shutters, all with a single touch. No wall cutting, fast and easy installation, exclusive design of wireless wall switch buttons and other components.

Wired electroinstallation (BUS)

The BUS system off ers a unique solution for new installations (refurbishment) in family houses, hotels and villas. It off ers a wide range of functions for both automation and comfort.

Energy management

Measuring energy consumption in the home or in larger areas is an increasing trend. Our products provide measurement with three different technologies – using a BUS or wireless system and thanks also with the IoT.

Hotel Wireless Retrofit (HRESK)

Hotel Room Energy Saving Kit – Solutions for hotel rooms based on wireless technology is designed to function in existing hotels. It is possible to simply elevate the existing electrical installation to a higher level without long-lasting construction modifi cations.

Hospitality Hotel (GRMS)

Guest Room Management System – The BUS system is designed mainly for hotels and off ers comfortable and easy control of hotel rooms, reception and restaurant.

Lighting control

A sector that off ers complete control over all lighting devices. From switching, dimming to controlling your favourite DALI luminaires. Everything can be controlled with a connection to iNELS wired or wireless technology.

Building management system

Building Management System is a comprehensive solution for monitoring, and controlling even the most complex of building systems.
You can monitor everything on your computer monitor or tablet in the comfort of reception or office. 


Here you can fi nd extensions for our iNELS system and not just for it. Lara Music Players, Intercoms and Door Communicators, Application Communication Servers and 3rd party applications.

Switches and sockets

We off er you exclusive switches, sockets and accessories in a standard plastic or metallic design. However, there are also charming luxury frames from purely natural materials such as genuine wood, metal, granite or hardened glass. Be especial!