Wireless electroinstallation (RF)

Switching units

These switching components are used to switch sockets, appliances, everything connected to 230V AC or 12-24V AC / DC. Thanks to the AgSnO 16A contact, they are able to switch not only resistive but also inductive and capacitive loads without the use of contactors. Their design is BOX (mounting in a box) or DIN rail in a 1-channel, 2-channel or 6-channel design. They are compatible with all iNELS RF Control drivers and system drives

Wireless switch unit (single/multi-function) - RFSA-11B, RFSA-61B

Wireless switch unit (inbuilt) - 2 outputs - RFSA-62B

Wireless switch unit - 6 outputs RFSA-66M

Switch unit for shutters - RFJA-12B

Switching socket (single/multi-function) - RFSC-61

Switch unit for outdoor use (single/multi-function) - RFUS-61

Wireless switch unit with the input (for a pushbutton) - RFSAI-61B

Wireless switch unit (multifunctional) - 1 output RFSA-61M

Switch unit for shutters - RFJA-32B

Wireless switch unit - RFSAI-62B