Wireless electroinstallation (RF)

System units

Devices that are used for time switching of appliances. The appliances include, for example, a lamp, a fan, a contractor, etc. The use of time relays is almost unlimited. They are used not only in households, but also in industrial applications for process control, machines etc. The basic functions of the time relay include delayed start / stop, cycler, pulse delay relay. The universal power supply is included among the TOP market.

Smart RF box eLAN-RF-003

Smart RF box - eLAN-RF-Wi-003

Smart box eLAN-IR-003

Control touch unit - RF Touch-B

Control touch unit - RF Touch-w

IP camera for indoor use - iNELS Cam

Multifunctional GSM communicator - RFGSM-220M

Signal repeater to extend the range - RFRP-20

Energy gateway - RFPM-2M