Protection/Monitoring relays


The devices can monitor the temperature in the home or also in industrial applications. They are used for house temperature control, winter gutter and pavement defrosting, temperature monitoring in a cabinet, as motor protection against overheating, water heating, temperature control of boiler , water storage, solar systems, moisture monitoring and other industrial applications.

Thermostat TER-3A

Thermostat TER-3B

Thermostat TER-3C

Thermostat TER-3D

Thermostat - TER-3E

Thermostat - TER-3F

Thermostat - TER-3G

Thermostat - TER-3H

Thermostat - TER-7

2-stage thermostat TER-4

Multifunction digital thermostat TER-9

Hygro-thermostat RHT-1

Hygrostat RHV-1

Thermostat TEV-1

Thermostat TEV-2

Thermostat TEV-3

Thermostat TEV-4

Thermo sensor TC

Thermo sensor TZ

Thermodrive TELVA

Economy diigital thermo-valve - ATV-1

USB programmable adapter PROGmatic

Termostat - analog room and floor

Termostat - digital room and floor