Timers Relays

Single-function time relay CRM-81J

Single-function time relay CRM-83J

Multifunction time relay CRM-93H

Time relay with external potentiometer CRM-91HE

Multifunction time relay CRM-9S

Multifunction time relay CRM-61

Super-multifunction relay SMR-T

Super-multifunction relay SMR-H

Super-multifunction relay SMR-B

Super-multifunction relay SMR-K

Programmable digital relay PDR-2A

Programmable digital relay PDR-2B

Plug-in time relay PRM-91H-11

Plug-in time relay PRM-92H

Asymmetric cycler CRM-2H

Time relay with external potentiometer CRM-2HE

Delay ON star/delta CRM-2T

Delay OFF without supply voltage CRM-82TO

Doublestage delay unit SJR-2

Digital multifunctional time relay CRM-100